11th asp conference for the up-and-coming

Prior to the 39th asp conference, the 11th asp workshop for the up-and-coming will be carried out for our scientific progeny from May 15 to 17, 2007. This conference is dedicated to graduates, post-graduates and those qualified for teaching in the fields of sport psychology and related disciplines.

The central motto of the workshop is entitled, “Linking the knowledge”. This is primarily concerned with an exchange of knowledge between experienced experts in the field of sport psychology. These experts will deliver brief lectures providing a review of their various fields of sport psychology and in the sport sciences.
Afterwards, the participants will have an opportunity to present their current research work in a brief discourse in a workgroup supervised by experts. The intent of this procedure is to both enable an exchange of expertise as well as to provide suggestions to incite further adaptations. Here, the topics of research methodology and of the planning of experiments should continue to remain in the forefront.

Expert team

PD Dr. Ralf Brand (Stuttgart)
PD Dr. Dirk Büsch (Leipzig)
Prof. Dr. Martin Lames (Augsburg)

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited to 25 individuals. Registrations will be taken into consideration following receipt of the registration fee.


In order to register for the 11th asp workshop for the up-and-coming, please send as an attachment along with your E-mail:
1. The fully completed(registration form (pdf-File) or Word file)
(File name: Anmeldung_[Ihr Nachname].pdf/doc;) as well as
2. An abstract of your research work (File name: Research_[your surname].doc) to: info@asp2007.de

Participation fee

The participation fee to the Conference for the up-and-coming is EUR 40.--. Please wire this participation fee to the account number cited in the PDF file entitled Information.


1. The registration is only effective after receipt of the participation fee!
2. In order to participate in the 39th annual conference of the asp, a separate registration must be completed under online under the asp homepage.

Possibilities for accommodations

1. You may spend the night in one of the sport halls of the Faculty for Sport Sciences at a price of EUR 2.-- /sleeping area/night. You should bring along an isomat, air mattress or something similar and a sleeping bag. An economical breakfast will be made available to you on the premises.

2. It may be possible to arrange for beds to spend the night in the “Haus der Athleten” from the Olympic support point in Munich (at a price of EUR 20.-- for a bed in a double room with breakfast and one principal meal). (The costs for these accommodations should be arranged separately with the lodging house located at Milbertshofener Platz 10, 80809 Munich). Unfortunately, no reservations can yet be made for these accommodations, since the bookings for this house can first be planned in February 2007. You may, however, specify your interest for these accommodations on your participation form. As soon as the booking for the “Haus der Athleten” is completed, you will be informed by us whether you will be able to spend your nights there by the end of February. Should you already know of an individual with whom you would like to share a room (of the same gender!), please also enter this individuals name on the registration form! Should you still be searching for someone with whom you may share a double room, please indicate this on your registration form. We will then send the E-mail addresses out for those individuals who are searching for a roommate.

Please also indicate the time period during which you plan to stay on your registration form, i.e. whether you will only attend the conference for the up-and-coming or whether you will also attend the annual asp conference!


Should you have any questions, please address them to:
Dipl.-Psych. Denise Waldenmayer
Lehrstuhl für Sportpsychologie, Connollystr. 32, 80809 München
Tel: +49 - (0)89 289 24786; Fax: +49 - (0)89 289 24555; email: waldenmayer@sp.tum.de or to: info@asp2007.de
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