The working group for sport psychology (asp) and the co-workers of the faculty for sports psychology at the Technische Universität München are happy to invite you to attend the 39th annual conference being held in Munich, Germany from May 17-19, 2007.

During the course of this conference, a gap, which has long been existent in research involving sport psychology, shall finally be bridged.

Initial and high-performance diagnostics in sport psychology must also take into consideration the various prerequisites for performance (for instance, the individual capabilities of concentrating or of paying attention). Consequently, a reliable, empirically-founded data base is attained, which can be employed to support sport psychological interventions.

A great number of interventional instruments are available in sport psychology for top athletes, mass sports and fitness sports. Hereby, a broad spectrum of varying techniques are applied specifically for each sport and employed in a user-oriented manner.

Diagnostics & intervention – Bridging the gap
The goal of this conference is to bridge the gap between diagnostics and intervention. Systematic, sport-psychological work requires both. Neither diagnostics nor intervention alone can stand by themselves. Diagnostics without intervention is static, while intervention without diagnostics is blind.

Together with this invitation, we also extend a “Call for Papers” and request that scientific papers be submitted. Please also be sure to take all of the organizational guidelines and schedules described on this Homepage into account. As for all annual asp conferences, papers are also welcome which have no direct relationship to the actual topic of the conference.

We will be very happy to welcome you to the faculty for sport sciences at the Technische Universität München in May 2007.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann
Dr. Sabine Maier
Denise Waldenmayer
Felix Ehrlenspiel
Christian Heiss

Conference Location:

Technische Universität München
Fakultät für Sportwissenschaft (ZHS)
Connollystr. 32, 80809 München
(im Olympiapark München)

May 14, 2007
April 25, 2007
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March 01, 2007
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