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Conference fees

The fees for this conference include all of the following benefits:
Admission to all of the scientific lectures
1 copy of the conference proceedings
Coffee breaks
Participation in the evening event (the costs required for drinks must be covered by the individual him/herself)
Conference fees
member 1/2 position
no memberstudent
by 03/31/200790 EUR80 EUR100 EUR50 EUR
04/01/2007 - 05/10/2007100 EUR90 EUR110 EUR60 EUR
as of 05/11/2007110 EUR100 EUR120 EUR70 EUR
* with verification
** students prior to their completion of their first course of study, with verification


Please carry out your registration with the aid of the online registration form. You will subsequently receive an automatically generated E-mail with your registration data, your respective participation fees as well as information concerning your conference account. When making your bank transfer, please take the dates noted above into account. Should a bank transfer only occur after a particular time period has passed, the higher priced fee will be charged.


For reasons of safety, you must be logged into the system in order to the data of our banking account.

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