Travel Plans

Site of the conference:
Technische Universität München
Fakultät für Sportwissenschaft (ZHS)
Connollystr. 32, 80809 München
(im Olympiapark München)

Arrival by train
After arriving at the central train station, take the U2 subway (this train’s final destination is Feldmoching) and get out at “Scheidplatz”, from here take the U3 subway to “Olympiazentrum” (this train leaves from the same platform, but on the tracks located opposite; it is best to enter the front of the train in its direction of travel);
leaving the subway, follow the inclined pathway going diagonally to the left and over the bridge toward the Olympiadorf, then enter the street with shops leading directly to the Forum (an Italian restaurant);
take a gentle left toward the ZHS, going past the restaurant, and then follow Connollystraße (light-blue) to its end; after passing the last of the apartments, the ZHS will be seen directly opposite. Pass the little reception house and go over the pedestrian bridge; the conference takes place in the building on the left (Zentralbau Süd); proceed along the side of this building and take a left at the corner; after about another 20 meters (about 65 ft.) you will find the entrance door to this building.

Arrival by plane
Take the S1 or S8 train to “Marienplatz”; from here, get the U3 subway to “Olympiazentrum”; then … (follow the directions given above)

Arrival by car(above ground, below ground)
The ZHS is situated between the Georg-Brauchle-Ring (Mittlerer Ring) and the Frankfurter Ring.
Take either access road ( 1 oder 2 ) from Lerchenauerstraße into the Helene-Mayer-Ring (this street is below ground);
follow Connollystraße to the end, once again coming to the ground level, and drive through the gate. You may park in P1 (on Thursday or Saturday); on Friday, please park in P2 or P3.
The entrance to this building is at the end of parking place P1; for registration and to the site of the conference, go through the 2nd glass door and proceed to the left around the next corner; then go through the next glass doors and follow the stairs one flight upward.

Site plan

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Download site plan and travel plans for arrival as pdf-file.

Note: The Mensa (cafeteria) indicated here no longer exists!
May 14, 2007
April 25, 2007
March 22, 2007
March 01, 2007
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